The American Constitution: Bundle of Compromises

“An original rock song sets the stage for… creative touches… humorous skits… compelling open-ended questions… an appealing presentation of complex ideas.”

“Fast-paced, informative, and fun… highly recommended.”
-Video Librarian

“Excellent choice… lingers in the minds of students… clearly this company knows it audience…will give students a very clear concept of what the Constitution signifies.”
-School Library Journal

The Civil War: American Against American

“Howard Egger-Bovet uses storytelling, puppetry, song, and humor to engage students in a study of the war that divided our country. This valuable series… goes beyond material found in textbooks and is sure to spark student interest.”
-School Library Journal

“Great for parents wanting American history in the home. Our kids have really benefited from the Find the Fun Productions American history series. It is brilliant in its use of original and period songs, and humor and music. Very entertaining so the kids weren’t bored by it, which has been an issue when learning history from books at school. Worth the price because it is so unique!”
-Parent Review

American Colonies American Revolution

“Egger-Bovet’s unique approach to teaching history will entertain students as well as educate. Most importantly, he helps students understand how historical events continue to shape and influence our lives today.”
-Video Librarian

“Thanks to the wonder of video, children across America will be able to share your entertaining and informative dramatization of the birth of our nation.”
-Social Studies Review

“Highly entertaining, thought provoking, designed to be used by teachers who love history.”
-School Library Journal