Home schooling American History? Teach with U.S. history videos, DVDs, and music for kids of all ages.

Dear parents and those home schooling American history,

Whether you have decided to accept the challenge of home schooling American history, or you are looking for educational yet fun American history media for the home, it is vital to be able to offer American history media that will truly engage your learners.

When searching for educational media on American history, you may feel your only choice is between formats offering dry historical reenactments or erudite discussion and footage of historical sites. Often such media isn’t meant for children at home learning or home schooling, and in the end, such media has little impact.

There is another format, a highly engaging theatrical format that employs a wide range of teaching modalities using song, puppetry, costumed characters, humor, drama, and interactive extension activities and study guides—perfect for those who want to home school American history or parents who want educational yet fun American history media.

Only Find the Fun Productions’ American history DVDs, music, and videos reach a diverse range of learners from second-language learners, to learners with challenges, to gifted students. If you are looking to home school American history, it is important to reach your learner if you are to teach them about America’s past. Find the Fun Productions’ American history media are an essential part of every home school and family library.

Howard Egger-Bovet